Frequently Asked Questions about Black Tie Auto Leasing

Q: I'm new to car leasing. What do I need to know?

A: There are many benefits to car leasing. LESS EXPENSIVE - With a lease, there are no down payments and substantially lower monthly payments. SHORTER TERM - The most common term of a lease is 36 months, while the typical purchase is financed over a 60 to 72 month period. MAJOR CONVENIENCE - Never drive an outdated vehicle again. There is no need to go through the stress of having to trade in or sell your vehicle. With a lease, every three years you will be driving a brand new vehicle, with the latest technologies.
Q: Can I use my current car as a trade in?

A: Yes. If you own your vehicle, the value of the trade in can help you reduce your monthly lease payments.
Q: How does sales tax apply to a car lease?

A: With a leased vehicle, you only pay taxes on the amount of the lease payments, not the value of the car
Q: What is the difference between a down payment and amount due at signing?

A: The amount due at signing, or inception fees, are upfront charges such as taxes, bank and DMV fees, and first month payment. There is no need for a down payment on most leases.
Q: How do I end my lease early?

A: There are manufacturer's programs that can sometimes help end your lease 1-3 months before the end of your term.
Q: Can someone else drive my leased car?

A: Yes. As long as they have your permission!
Q: What are my end of lease options?

A: Most people who lease will return their vehicle and lease a new one. There is also the option to buy. The buyout price of the vehicle will be determined at the beginning of your lease and written into your lease contract
Q: How does a lease show up on my credit report?

A: A lease will show up the same as any other purchase or loan.
Q: Can i get a car lease for 24 months?

A: While a majority of car leases are 36 months, Some banks do have the availability of 24 month leases
Q: Are leased cars covered by lemon laws?

A: Absolutely!
Q: Do I need good credit to lease a car?

A: Good credit is essential to getting the best deals on your next lease. While we do our best to work with anyone with any credit, poor credit can result in higher monthly payments.
Q: Can I buy extra miles for my car lease?

A: Yes! Before signing your lease you can buy whatever you think you'll need, we will help you go over your options. Tell us how many miles, and we will get it for you.
Q: What if I've decided to buy, not lease?

A: Contact us! We also do financing on purchases of new vehicles. Whether leasing or financing, we will find you the best possible deals!
Q: Can i get tax benefits from a business car lease?

A: Yes. A lease can be used as a tax write-off on a business lease.
Q: Did I get a good deal on my lease?

A: If you didn't call Black Tie Auto Leasing, chances are you didn't get the best deal you could have gotten. Contact us today and you'll never find yourself wondering again!